Orange Partnership for Alcohol and Drug Free Youth

Red Ribbon Week 2013   

October 23rd - 31st

For details on these events or to get your own red ribbon to wear or display outside your home, business or on your car, contact Gayane Chambless at or 919-942-8083.  

Underage drinking and substance use significantly affects the health and quality of life of the individual, the family and the community at large.  That is why the Orange Partnership for Alcohol and Drug Free Youth has partnered with Mothers Against Drunk Driving of North Carolina, to bring awareness to the community of Hillsborough and surrounding area during Red Ribbon Week.  With the support of schools, local agencies, law enforcement, businesses, parents and youth, we can all do our part to reduce underage drinking and prescription drug abuse.  What will you do?

Top 10 Ways to Do Something:    

  1. Commit to having at least 4 meals a week with your child(ren).
  2. Talk to them about the health risks of drinking before they are 21 and about the risks of taking medicine not as prescribed.
  3. Talk to them about your expectations of underage drinking and substance use and make a family contract about these values.
  4. Role play ways they can turn down offers for alcohol or other drugs.  
  5. Lock up and monitor alcohol products in your home.
  6. Lock up prescription medications to prevent access and inappropriate use.
  7. Actively monitor teen gatherings. 
  8. Call the Tip Line (888-888-TIPS) to report teen gatherings at which alcohol is served or those who provide. 
  9. Get to know the families of your children's friends and ask what their rules are regarding underage drinking and substance use.  
  10. Join the Safe Homes Network of parents and other adults who pledge not to allow underage alcohol or drug use on their property.

 If you can only do one thing, Talk it Up. Lock it Up!™! 

National Red Ribbon Campaign

Do your part Report underage drinking and adults who provide: 1-888-888-TIPS
Your tips are anonymous and confidential.

Freedom House Recovery Center

The success of the Orange Partnership for Alcohol and Drug Free Youth relies on grants and private donations.

We are thankful to Freedom House Recovery Center for providing administrative support for our fundraising efforts. When donating online, please be sure that Orange Partnership is selected from the Program section.

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Help keep our community’s youth safe by sharing information with local law enforcement about:

Tipline calls are anonymous and confidential and may be used to prevent illegal activities before they occur.

Call 1-888-888-TIPS (8477)


Join the Safe Homes Network

The Safe Homes Network is a community of parents and other adults who have pledged NOT to provide alcohol, tobacco or other drugs to youth. They are promising to make reasonable efforts to ensure that youth are not obtaining or using these substances in their home or on their property.


The partnership gives network members a directory of others who have signed the pledge. We will also keep members
up-to date on the issue of youth substance abuse through a bi-annual e-newsletter where you can learn how to encourage others to join our efforts. Click the button below to join the Safe Homes Network. For more information, contact Gayane Chambless at  You can also check out the conversation on our Facebook page.

Sign the Safe Homes Pledge